As a family business our horizon goes beyond today and tomorrow. We do everything with an eye to the future. This includes caring for each other and for our environment. This is reflected in our company policy. To keep our sustainability policy as clear as possible, profit is not considered in this policy.

Sustainable housing
Sustainable business starts with sustainable housing. That is why our recently constructed building is completely climate-neutral and provided with solar panels.

Sustainable working
Our optimized logistic processes have minimized logistic movements. This way we reduce our environmental impact, both internally and externally. We are highly digitalized and have reduced our paper consumption to a minimum.

Sustainable products
We use FSC-certified cardboard, lead-free ink, recyclable foil and nanofilm. We choose cars for our fleet that are as clean as possible. In addition, we are always eagerly looking for product innovations that combine high quality and sustainability.

Taking care of each other
Sustainable business also means looking after each other. You will notice the social climate in our organization. We are open minded. We value good relationships and cherish the human dimension. As a profit organization we support foundations that are committed to support vulnerable people. We only enter into partnerships with organizations that respect fundamental human rights.