Our logo has the hummingbird. We have chosen this bird carefully. Curious about our story and what characterizes us? Read more.


We dare to state that we are packaging specialists. With over 60 years of experience and a highly dedicated team, we know what we are talking about. And not just about packaging, but also about the related processes. A customer quote: “You don’t have to explain BVP much. you notice that they have a lot of experience.”

No surprises

In fact, it is not entirely true that we do not like surprises. In fact, we love to surprise our customers. With good ideas that will make you happy. Nasty surprises, we really don’t like that. We will therefore do everything and really do everything to prevent nasty surprises and to keep our promises.


You can be sure that we will listen to your question very carefully. Be prepared that our answer may be very different from what you initially expected. Because in our view, packaging is much more than just the layer of cardboard that separates your product from the outside world.


Our involvement goes beyond just attention to packaging and related processes. And we even dare to state that not all our attention goes to you … We think we should share this attention with our other stakeholders. Because they ensure that we can serve you as well as possible. Relationships are important to us. They are precious to us and they make us enjoy our work even more.

We add our expertise to your logistics processes

Packaging does not stand on its own. In almost any case it is part of a (sometimes complex) logistics process. You can expect us to play our part in this. Storage, dosed quantities, just in time, (future) stock, quality requirements (GMP, BRC, Food Safety). We are good at this.

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