Packaging is way more than just wrapping up your product. Its all about the combination, the solution, the look and feel. Finding the best fitting packaging solution for your product isn’t that easy. Our dedicated team of packaging specialists are waiting to help you. How we do this? Read more….

60 years of experience
BVP is founded in the sixties of the last century. Throughout our history, until today, we always make a thorough assessment of our customer’s logistics needs and requirements. We are experts in packaging solutions. We know the key players in our market. And from all of this we learned: packaging is serious business. Therefore our advice to you: do not underestimate the power of good packaging solutions an how they will benefit your business.

Logistiek partner

Innovative and sustainable
We continuously develop our products, services and knowledge. We think ahead of developments in the packaging market. Sustainability is not a hot issue or a hype to us but common sense and daily practice. We will challenge you, to choose the most sustainable solution we carefully selected for you. We’re experts in selecting the best and most sustainable packaging solution for your business.

innovatief en duurzaam

Building relationships
Our relationship with our customer is of key importance to us. At all times. These are not empty words. You wil notice. We think ahead of your question and deliver more than you expect. We are not a hit and run supplier, and always want to add value to your business. As a result: every packaging solution we provide is logistic solution als well.



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