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The Papercooler* is an entirely recyclable insulating transport packaging made of 100% paper and is a proven environmental friendly alternative to the traditional EPS (styrofoam / tempex) box. The insulating value of the Papercooler has been extensively tested and the results are progressive. Hence this 100% paper insulation box is a breakthrough. A sustainable step forward in the cold chain!

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The best advice

Standard or custom-made, from implementation to delivery.


100% recyclable in the paper recycling stream.


Unique paper insulation system with waffled thin paper.

Flexible in customization

Assembly fully tailored to your process.

Onze oplossingen

Award winning innovation

In June 2022, BVP won prizes during the presentation of the Waste Fund Packaging Awards 2022. The Papercooler was awarded in the ‘best recyclable packaging’ category.

The jury about the Papercooler cool box: “This innovation makes plastic (EPS) redundant by switching completely to paper that can be easily recycled. This is a radical rethinking of a complete product. Transport has also been carefully considered because the cooler can be transported flat.”
The Waste Fund is committed to a circular packaging chain. There is plenty of collaboration and innovation in this chain of design, collection, sorting and recycling of packaging.
Award winnende innovatie

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*The Papercooler is produced under license from Life Technologies Corporation, a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Patents: US 8,453,477 – US 9,139,319 – EP 2483158 – PCT/US2019/059539.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Innovative and sustainable

The patented* Papercooler is made of 100% paper and has the same insulating and protective properties as the traditional EPS (styrofoam / tempex) cool box. The corrugated cardboard outer box is lined on the inside with a unique removable cardboard frame that is filled with several layers of waffled thin paper. This creates a strong insulating air barrier. This ensures the correct thermal and structural protection. After shipment, the packaging is fully recyclable in normal paper recycling streams. This is a significant advantage compared to EPS boxes: the recycling options are still limited, meaning EPS quickly ends up in the residual waste.


The best advice for your cooling product

The performance of the Papercooler depends on several factors. Consider the ambient temperature, the amount of air in the box, the transport time, the use of cooling elements and the thickness of the insulation layers. BVP has access to various (test) tools and parameters to determine the most effective approach for each product. We offer the best advice and guidance during the implementation or changeover in your logistics process. Whether it concerns a standard delivery from stock or the development of a completely custom-made product.


Flexible in customization

The Papercooler has a modular structure. This makes it possible to deliver customized solutions for each individual part and thus assemble an end product that is fully tailored to your product and logistics process. We offer the option to purchase the parts separately (blank), but as standard we offer the Papercooler completely set up. The handling for this is carried out by a sheltered employment facility, entirely under our own management. This allows us to switch quickly and we are flexible in customization. In addition to the Papercooler, we also supply data loggers, gel packs, paper tape, paper packing list envelopes and other logistics materials and packaging.