The Papercooler* is an entirely recyclable insulating transport packaging made of 100% paper and is a proven environmental friendly alternative to the traditional EPS (styrofoam / tempex) box. The insulating value of the Papercooler has been extensively tested and the results are progressive. Hence this 100% paper insulation box is a breakthrough. A sustainable step forward in the cold chain!

Download here the datasheet of the Papercooler.

Innovative and sustainable

The patented* Papercooler is made of 100% paper and has similar insulating and protecting features as the traditional EPS (Styrofoam / tempex) box. The corrugated cardboard carton is lined on the inside with a unique removable cardboard frame that is filled with several layers of waffled thin paper. This creates a strong insulating air barrier and ensures the right conditioned protection. After transport, the packaging is fully recyclable in the normal recycling streams of paper. This is a significant advantage relative to the EPS boxes: of these, the recycling options are still limited, so that EPS quickly ends up in the residual waste. An own employment facility that offers space to people with a distance to the job market, carries out the handling. This makes the Papercooler not only a sustainable choice, but also socially responsible.

* Manufactured under license from Life Technologies Corporation, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. patents: US 8,453,477 – US 9,139,319 – EP 2483158 – PCT/US2019/059539 Pending.


Customized to your supply chain

The Papercooler is available in three standard formats. Because of the modular structure, the Papercooler can easily be modified to your specific preferences. The performance of the Papercooler depends on several factors, such as the amount of insulation layers, the amount of air (free space) in the Papercooler, the ambient temperature and  transport time. BVP has the  tools to determine  the most effective approach for your product and logistical process. From implementation to delivery we  provide the best guidance during the entire project.

In addition to the Papercooler, we also supply data loggers, gel packs, paper tape, paper packing list envelopes and other logistics materials and packaging.

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